Closed-circuit television (CCTV or “a security camera system”) is one of the best ways to monitor your property for intruders or other suspicious activity. Whether your intention is to surveil your home or office, supervise employee behavior, or resolve a dispute through visual fact-checking, CCTV can be your eyes when you can’t be there. Furthermore, the mere presence of video cameras can act as a deterrent to potential burglars.

We offer high-quality, military-grade CCTV solutions without breaking the bank. Our customized solutions can be tailored to meet all needs and budgets. Our professional services team will ensure first-time-right installations, optimal camera placement, and training for your administrators.

Sample features of our CCTV solutions

  • Multiple camera types and options
  • 24/7 video monitoring
  • DVR recording and playback
  • Monitor and control via smart phone, tablet, or PC
  • High-definition video resolution
  • Motion detection

  • Night vision
  • User-friendly software for easy administration
  • Option for facial recognition
  • Option for license plate recognition
  • Option for audio-enablement
  • Scalability to add more cameras at a later time
  • 1-year warranty