At Wolfe Safe & Lock, we understand the importance of protecting your office, assets, and employees. There is simply too much at stake to risk your business and personnel to the threats of burglary, robbery, false litigations, or other misfortune. Whether you are trying to avoid a potential issue or getting a handle on a current one, we are here to help! Wolfe Safe & Lock offers a full range of commercial and institutional solutions to cater to your physical security needs.

All of our solutions are backed by our professional services team who will ensure you get the most out of your security investment. We will design a quality solution, deliver first-time right installations, and provide all required equipment training. 

In addition to our full-scale locksmith services, we offer advanced solutions for entry and exit protection. These solutions are designed for the business owners or organization managers who wish to incorporate more automation in their security operations. Our access control solutions are ideal for restricting access to designated personnel. 

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With keyless entry / exit, you have the option of many different credential types such cards, fobs, number pads, biometrics, or intercom. These solutions offer flexibility and simplicity to business owners and office managers who wish to seamlessly control who has access, where, and when. The headache and expense of lost keys will become things of the past as administrators can enable and disable lost credentials in just a few clicks.

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Video intercoms and video doorbells are increasingly popular options in commercial and enterprise applications. Our solutions will give you the power to screen visitors as if you were on the other side of the door (even if you are thousands of miles away!). Get alerted of new visitors, communicate seamlessly, and easily grant access – all from your smartphone or tablet.

Driveway alarms are an ideal choice for establishments that require early notifications and monitoring of arrivals and departures. Our audible driveway systems can alert you of people, cars, and even animals that enter and leave your premises. We offer long-range systems with a variety of activation options, including motion detection, weight, material type, or line-of-sight pass-through. 

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Our locksmith services span a wide range of industries across the Capital Region. As a full-service locksmith, we cater to all of your routine lock and key needs, including:
  • Emergency lockout
  • Entry and security doors
  • Gate and window locks
  • Key duplication
  • Lock installation, repair, and replacement
  • Re-keying
  • Smart locks
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We also offer comprehensive locksmith systems for applications that require a more holistic approach.

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A master key system is a favorite among organizations looking to balance control with convenience. As a business owner or office manager, you receive a “master key” that can be used to open any door within your facilities. Your personnel will receive “pass key” that only works for a designated area. This allows ultimate flexibility to those in possession of the master key while restricting access to those with pass keys.

A restricted key system is another popular option for area business owners with high security needs. With this solution, we implement an exclusive patented key way system. While the patent is active, keys cannot be replicated by any other locksmith and require your authorization in order for us to do so. This enables tighter control over who has possession of a key while also providing an extra layer of security if a key is lost.

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As fellow business owners, we understand the criticality of keeping assets safe from burglary, fire, or environmental disaster.

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Whether you are looking to protect cash, documents, or other prized possessions, we have a commercial safe solution to help protect your valuables. We offer top-rated industrial safes from Fort Knox, Gardall, and American Security Safes (AMSEC). Our safes come in a wide variety of types and sizes and are priced to fit all budgets. Constructed of high-quality steel, our safes carry some of the highest fire and theft protection ratings in the industry. Looking for a custom safe? No problem! We offer full customization options, including additional steel reinforcement, enhanced fire protection, and various aesthetic designs. Our portfolio also includes special-purpose safes, such as depository boxes, jewelry vaults, gun safes, and pharmacy safes.

Woman using access control with a bank safe
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Access control is another great option for ensuring the safety of your property. This allows you to specify who can have access to which assets while also preventing access to unauthorized users. In addition, we can also design a special check-in / check-out system (i.e. such as those used in stockrooms) for monitoring asset movements. These solutions give you the ability to see where your assets are moving throughout your facilities. This helps to prevent property loss and ensures proper storage. Access control can be installed on a wide variety of applications, including doors, safes, cabinets, or drawers.

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It is a modern necessity to keep an eye on your workplace and be alerted of specific comings and goings.

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Security cameras or closed circuit television (CCTV) serve a vital function in keeping a pulse on your facilities when you can’t be there. Whether you are looking to monitor your property, ensure quality control / employee productivity, help to prevent theft, or defend against frivolous lawsuits, we have the best-in-class surveillance technology to get the job done.

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We offer high-definition, commercial-grade technology with a variety of features, including monitoring via smart phone, digital video recording (DVR), motion detection alerting, and night vision. For applications that require a more discerning eye, we offer advanced surveillance options including facial recognition and license plate recognition.


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Wolfe is proud to serve the following industries across the New York State Capital Region:

·       Airports

·       Apartment Buildings

·       Automotive / Car Rental Agencies

·       Construction

·       Financial / Banks

·       Fire Departments

·       Schools & Universities

·       Shelters & Safe Houses

·       Government Facilities

·       Hospitals

·       Hotels & Motels

·       Manufacturing

·       Property Management

·       Restaurants

·       Retail

·       Storage Facilities

·       Utilities