We know how critical it is to secure your home and protect your loved ones from the threat of intruders, burglary, and theft. It is unfortunate fact that we are often visited by residential customers after they have suffered a security breach or incident. Rest assured, Wolfe Safe & Lock can get you back on track, help you protect your property, and restore your sense of safety. Whether you are looking to respond to a current situation or take proactive measures, we offer a wide variety of convenient and affordable solutions to help protect what matters most!


Don’t know where to start? No problem! You are in good hands with our professional services team who will ensure you get the most out of your security investment. We will design a security solution that will help protect your home and property – while also protecting your wallet!

Our locksmith services span a wide range of industries across the Capital Region. As a full-service locksmith, we cater to all of your routine lock and key needs, including:

  • Emergency lockoutVariety of golden keys hanging on a board
  • Entry and security doors
  • Gate and window locks
  • Key duplication
  • Lock installation, repair, and replacement
  • Re-keying

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Keyless entry / exit (or smart locks) are great options for homeowners who are looking for convenience and flexibility. With these solutions, you no longer need to keep track of your keys. 

Unlocking a keyless door with a smartphone
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An electronic input device is used in place of a traditional lock and a variety of entry options can be used in place of traditional keys. These options include keypads programmed with a custom number code, biometrics (i.e. fingerprint readers), swipe cards & fobs, and controls direct from your smartphone or tablet. Smart locks also offer automatic locking with motorized deadbolts, so you no longer need to worry if you left the front door unlocked. 

Finger activating a residential video intercom doorbell
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Many homeowners are now opting for video doorbells. These multi-functional solutions enable you to check who is at your door, communicate with visitors, and lock / unlock your door – all from your smartphone or tablet. They also give you the option to record video and activate when detecting motion. Video doorbells enable you to screen visitors in real-time, even if you are thousands of miles away from home!

When homeowners require early notification of visitors, a driveway alarm is often a good investment. By alerting you at the earliest point of entry to your property, driveway alarms can give you a little extra time to respond to intruders, visitors, deliveries, or even curfew-defying teenagers! These devices contain sensors that can detect people, cars, and animals. They operate at long-range distances to detect motion, weight thresholds, or even certain types of material.

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Looking to protect from theft, burglary, or fire and gain some peace of mind? We offer a wide variety of safes and vaults to protect your valuables. Whether you are looking to secure your cash, firearms, jewelry, family photos, or important documents, we have safes for all purposes and all budgets.

Fort Knox black and white safes in a vault showroom

We offer top-rated residential safes from Fort Knox, Gardall, and American Security Safes (AMSEC). Constructed of high-quality steel, our safes carry some of the highest fire and theft protection ratings in the industry. We also offer several customization options to increase security, increase fire protection, and even match the décor of your home.

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Packages going missing? Having a dispute with a neighbor? Need to keep an eye on a mischievous pet? Security cameras give you the ability to monitor your home and property when you cannot be there.

CCTV security camera pointed at a residential driveway
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When you trust Wolfe for your security camera needs, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality solution with expert installation and support. Our security cameras enable you to keep an eye on things in real-time via PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Monitoring CCTV security cameras through laptop computer
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All of our cameras offer high-definition resolution for superior image quality in addition to motion activation alerting. Capture video 24/7 through a convenient DVR and review on your own time. Choose from a wide variety of options – including indoor, outdoor weather-proof, and covert / hidden cameras. Advanced features include color night vision and facial recognition.

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